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Recommended Presoaks


Kemade® A Liquid Low pH Presoak

This one almost didn’t make it. At first the pH was too high. Then the concentration was too low.

Finally, after 239 different combinations and tests, we hit upon the perfect mix for this “Highly Concentrated Low pH Presoak” for frictionless wash systems like yours.

Turns out, it brightens glass and chrome better than we were shooting for. And it’s ideal for truck washes too.

Add 5- gallons to your cart and give it a try, if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back, okay?


Blue Demon® Liquid Frictionless Presoak

Yes, this Premium, Extra Heavy Duty Presoak on Steroids is designed for both conveyor and rollover frictionless washing.

Its high pH and alkaline boosters attack and break up oily soils on contact and do ALL the work for you.

And, super secret special ingredients allow for fast rinsing to save you time, water and upset customers.

Stone Soap has the car wash chemicals you need to make your customers very very happy and your bottom line even happier—earning more profits and loyal customer too…


Powder Made Easy™ Powdered Frictionless Presoak

Whether it’s 1-pound, 1,500 pounds or 5,000 pounds you order, quite simply this is the best presoak detergent in the industry.

There’s nothing easier to use than this super duty alkaline powder presoak detergent designed for touch free washing.

Today’s unique formula breaks up oily soil and road film yet rinses off easily.

That’s right, it’s a flawless one step process or could be the second step for two-step washing systems.

Will this work for you? Darn right it will. Try it, you’ll like it, guaranteed.

Recommended Tire & Wheel Cleaner


Double Duty® Extreme Tire & Wheel Cleaner

According to recent research, this fast-acting, high-foaming liquid detergent is formulated exclusively for wheel and tire cleaning in tunnel, rollover and frictionless car washes.

More importantly, its powerful formulation penetrates and loosens brake dust and soil on all types of wheels and tires, it literally does ALL the work for you.

And the best part is, it’s a non-acid, non-corrosive formula with no Hydrogen Flouride that destroys wheels.

Guaranteed to make your customers want to come back over and over again.

Used by 4,377 car washes in 33 states, could it be time for you to give it try?

Recommended Tire Dressing (Solvent Based)


Max-E Gloss™

Facts are facts. This Max-E Gloss™ Tire Dressing high solid silicone tire dressing in a fast drying solvent base is for car wash leaders.

Formulated utilizing the latest silicone technology to condition, shine and protect vehicle tires while reducing “sling”. 

Imitation is the best form of flattery and, in this business, we love it when competitors try to create a silicone tire dressing that surpasses ours.

By the way, this successful tire dressing could be used in manual or automatic applications.

The only way to really discover how much your customers will love it will be to try it. Why not add Max-E Gloss to your cart now while it’s fresh on your mind?

Recommended Tire Dressing (Water Based)


Final Touch Plus®

This is for you.
There is no greater high solid silicone tire dressing in a water base.

It is, without question, formulated utilizing the latest silicone technology to condition, shine and protect your customer’s vehicle tires.

It belongs in your car wash to be used in manual or automatic applications.

Join the 4,377 car wash owners who love this tested and proven Final Touch Plus® Tire Dressing. You’ll be glad you did.

Recommended Drying Agent


Rainbow® Rinse Aid

Try this Rainbow® Rinse Aid.

This unique formula is highly concentrated to provide excellent water beading.

Cars “break” quickly and dry faster. Your customers will appreciate the streak free formula because it will not “smear” windshields or build up on wipers.

Its blue color and grape fragrance is ideal for self-service washes.

4,377 Satisfied Car Wash Owners — Try it out, we promise you’ll be very happy with the results.

Recommended Clearcoat Protectant


Rainbow® Clearcoat Protectant

What’s so good about this Rainbow® Clearcoat Sealer Wax is what it is not.
It’s not last months bad batch.
It’s not old stock.
It’s the real thing. It’s made the same every week.

It’s a highly concentrated, non-smearing protectant that combines the toughness of silicone and the high gloss of natural carnauba.

Created for conveyor and rollover washes and offers you both wax protection and water beading.

Your customers will look forward to the blue color and grape scent making it a must for your self-serve wash.

Place your order now, while everything is still in front of you.

Recommended Body Protectant


Beauty Glo® Complete Body Protectant with Ceramic Armor™

Looking for a “hard-as-nails” body protectant that resists attacks from tree sap, insects and environmental pollutants? New Beauty-Glo® Complete Body Protectant with added Ceramic Armor™ is your answer.

Customers of all car wash applications will love the dazzling finish that flows off windshields easily. Your customers will love the shine and protection, and you’ll love the profits.

Order a 5-gallon pail now to see for yourself. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Recommended Triple Foam


Rainbow® Triple Foam

There is no beating experience. Being ahead of the curve is why car wash owners keep ordering this Triple Foam Conditioner from Stone Soap Company.

While producing mounds of bright yellow, red, green and blue foam customers really like the wildberry scent.

Our patented formula contains both silicone and carnauba to aid with shine and protection, and it rinses easily to eliminate ugly streaks.

The ONLY way to find out why so many car wash owners keep ordering it over and over is to give it a try yourself. Why not, it’s 100% guaranteed. Add to your cart now.

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