Get Started Now By Simply Selecting Your Car Wash Type

Get Started Now By Simply Selecting Your Car Wash Type

Get Started Now By Simply Selecting Your Car Wash Type

“America’s Oldest and Most Trusted Name in the Car Wash Chemical Industry.”

“Celebrating 85-Years As Your Leader in Car Wash Soap Solutions & Products.”

“Wickedly Effective Chemistry Combined with Old Fashioned Customer Service.”

“Imagine the Giant Grin You’ll Have Because YOUR Customers Keep Coming Back.”


“The mission of the Stone Soap Company, Inc. is to provide you with the most technically advanced car washing chemicals and honest-to-god make-it-right customer service because you deserve more.

And, we’ll help you AVOID almost all the carwash chemical and mechanical surprises that hurt even the most cautious car wash owners bottom line. Call us now, toll-free 800-952-SOAP(7627)

In any case, you’ll love finding the widest possible selection of carwash chemicals because we’ve created these car wash chemicals for all segments of the car washing industry so you get the best possible bang for your dollars.

Stone Soap’s state of the art manufacturing facility enables us to create, test and manufacture chemicals for you at the lowest possible cost while passing huge savings on to you.

In fact, we even installed a modern car wash facility out back so we can test every chemical in a real live situation. We did this because we are making darn sure they will outperform almost all other car wash chemicals before they ever ship to you.

In a nutshell, since first opening in 1932, you have helped make Stone Soap Company’s 88-year long commitment to quality, innovation and customer service the oldest as well as the most loved, trusted and respected name in the professional car washing industry. Thanks you.

Call us now, Toll-free: 800-952-SOAP(7627) for help finding the perfect car wash chemicals for your car wash system.

Steve Stone – Executive Vice President


What does reclaim compatible chemicals mean to you?

Many car washes are required to reuse their wash water. When this takes place, shampoo, presoak, tire cleaner, rinse aid and waxes are all collected and combined in a large reclaim reservoir, rather than being discharged to the sewer.

Often while combining all of the carwash chemicals together in the reclaim reservoir, a chemical reaction takes place among the various products because of chemical incompatibilities.

Special reclaim compatible products must be used in order to prevent chemical incompatibilities in the reused water.

If you have a water reclaim system in place, or are thinking about installing one, be sure to alert your Stone Soap distributor or one of our specialists.

Why does Stone Soap use carnauba wax in its clearcoat protectants instead of silicone?

Carnauba is the hardest and most effective automobile wax found anywhere in the world.

Made from the leaves of Carnauba Palm trees, this wax ingredient is the industry standard and product of choice for both automatic and hand wax applications.

When Silicone wax became an alternative to Carnauba wax because of price, many manufacturers chose to use the less expensive Silicone wax ingredient.

Stone Soap continues to exclusively use Carnauba wax because it is the superior choice. Carnauba wax produces a better and more durable gloss than silicone, and is reclaim system compatible.

I have heard the term ||titration|| used. What does titration mean and how difficult is it to perform?

Titration is the industry standard method for determining the concentration of the ready to use presoak.

This is done by adding drops of reagent solution to a measured amount of dilute presoak until a color change is seen.

Stone Soap offers two titration kits that are quick and easy to use. Our titration test kits allow the operator to accurately determine the dilution ratio of presoak in less than 30 seconds.

These kits are a must for all touchless wash operators and other car wash operators who rely heavily on presoak detergents in order to clean their customer’s vehicles.

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